4700 Washington Ave., Ste I, Racine, WI, 53406 

Business Hours:
Sunday:11:00am ~9:30pm
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Reviewed by: jondezek on: 2021/2/25 13:11:07
Best Chinese restaurant in Racine. Always get my order correct. It's always hot and fresh. They have items that i can only get here and they are my favorite. Anyone who says the Medium is too spicy needs to grow up. I get everything extra spicy! I have Never had a problem with this place or the people working or the owners. Keep up the great work! My only complaint would be expand your delivery area because i am literally a couple blocks outside of your delivery area.
Reviewed by: ehooksjr on: 2020/4/29 18:24:07
The worst service ever they are so busy that they don’t care about the customers feelings, my food was over cooked & because they haven’t got a complaint today, I am the issue. I called to tell the owners about it and was hung up on. Paid for delivery & was told to bring it back. It’s evident that I had it delivered do to the fact that I have no car. Poor Customer Service.
Reviewed by: korbelj150 on: 2020/4/19 15:59:22
They never seem to get my order right, now their phone is constantly busy.
Reviewed by: armymike6983 on: 2020/4/18 14:46:22
Didnt get complete order and order is messed up now i call and get busy single half hour straight
Reviewed by: mattrsiu on: 2020/2/2 16:59:46
You need to dial back the heat on the "medium". I like some spice, but this is barely edible it's so hot. Order placed tonight. Matt Russell
Reviewed by: ewagner249 on: 2019/11/3 14:24:56
Good food never have any.problems.
Reviewed by: camey.skipper on: 2019/10/26 16:17:52
Just put order in, forgot to change pick up time till 7pm!!
Reviewed by: cpisanello on: 2019/2/22 17:39:51
Just ordered beef and broccoli and chicken chop suey! Unfortunately you forgot to put the chicken in! I’m not happy!
Reviewed by: sah953 on: 2018/7/9 4:39:18
Food always good no matter what we eat. Always ready on time... fast and courteous. Inexpensive as well
Reviewed by: kitkat61277 on: 2018/5/19 14:23:39
The best Chinese in Racine. And the best mascot for a Chinese Restaurant ever!
Reviewed by: annpcruz53 on: 2018/2/11 15:30:38
Every time we have ordered, the food arrived quickly, hot and was correct. The food is good, and we have never had bad service or attitude when we have gone in to order. The only thing I wish is they would describe their dishes on the on-line menu. Sometimes I would like to try something new, but afraid to order because I don't know what the ingredients are. I'd probably order more if I knew more about the dishes.